Update as of Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Due to the busy Christmas season, the postal service has slowed down, delaying your shipping. 

Any orders placed after Dec 6 cannot be guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.

Thank you for shopping with us!

- - - - -

Thank you for your interest in purchasing Old Sign Stencils!

Here are a few tips that explain how shipping works with our product.

* Made just for you

Did you know Old Sign Stencils are hand made as they are ordered? No stock piling, which means you get any latest upgrades or tweaks, which we sometimes do.

* Made in Canada

The stencils are fabricated and sent from Ontario, Canada. 

That may mean a little extra shipping time. But the good news... you only get charged in Canadian funds too! That makes the stencils more price efficient for the majority that order.

* Please expect at least 2 weeks delivery time

Due to us fabricating for you and shipping from Canada, we suggest to expect at least a 2 week delivery time, from order to door step arrival. 

Sometimes it's quicker! Sometimes it isn't. It really depends what time of year, how many you order, where you are from, etc. 

Delays are pretty rare though, and the majority of you write to say how amazed you are at how quick they arrive!

* Is your area not on our options?

We ship worldwide! So if you don't yet see your area listed in the shipping options, please use the CONTACT form, and let us know where you are from, and what you wish to order. We will then quote you a shipping fee first, then add it to the store permanently so you never have to request again.

*Discounts on shipping

We do not take part in any postal service discount offers for shipping, as they require different software. Our shipping rates are all listed in the store.

We hope you LOVE your stencils as much as we love working with them! 

Happy sign making to you... very soon, we are sure!