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BUFFALO CHECK is all about a farmhouse, cozy cabin feel. Add this timeless iconic design to any surface that accepts paint! Furniture, wood, fabric... the options are limitless.

This is a very robust, hard working stencil with lots of detail packed into it. It's never been easier to create this pattern!

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BUFFALO CHECK is a 1 piece stencil, with 3 size options.

NOTE: In the coming weeks, we will be removing the small and large options. If you desire either of these two, best to order soon.

Picture #2 showcases how these stencils come. Fringe is NOT included.

The project photos are for inspiration purposes only. No other supplies come with the stencils.

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1. 10" x 10" - $34 \ best for small projects only

2. 10" x 14" - $39 \ good midrange for small / larger projects

3. 10" x 22" - $49 \ a MUST for large projects, such as furniture

FRINGE is NOT included, and is sold separately under its own listing.

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1. When working with patterns, start in the middle of your project, working out.

2. This stencil is easy to align... simply overlap the last row of squares to continue.

3. For best results, expect dry time between continued pattern coats. To reduce waiting time, this design is offered in 3 different sizes, to best suit your needs and budget.

My suggestion: the bigger, the better! Greatly reduces the time process.

Learn how to use the pattern stencils at:


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How to get WAY more out of this stencil...

FRINGE (sold separately under its own listing) is a additional option, to help create a table runner effect.

PLAID SHIRT (sold separately under its own listing) is designed to mix and match with Buffalo Check, to help create even more plaid variations!

All stencils are made from durable 10mil, complete with registration marks, making alignment a breeze!

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