Stenciling is fun... and actually very easy!

However, like with everything, there are always a few tricks to achieving exceptional results.

Here are my best tips...

How To Stencil

1. A dry brush is key.

After loading the brush with paint, off-load most of it onto a cloth or paper towel until your brush feels dry to the touch.

This will ensure your image is left with super sharp edges.

2. Tape stencil into position, then tap the brush with an up and down motion onto your stencil, until the image is filled in.

Also try swirling your brush for a smoother effect.

Walk your fingers along the stencil, holding it down as you move along to ensure it doesn't move.

You can also use stencil adhesive, however my suggestion is to practice so you don't require it.

3. Remove the stencil as soon as your image is filled in.

4. Allow to fully dry, then lightly distress with sandpaper to achieve an aged effect if desired.

More Tips

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