Hi everyone! 

Thank-you for your interest in Funky Junk's Old Sign Stencils!

I'm Donna, author of the blog Funky Junk Interiors, where I decorate with salvaged finds. I'm a parent of a teen son and 2 tuxedo cats, residing in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

How The Stencil Story Began

My past career was a 22 year sign veteran and graphic designer by trade. When I started creating vintage looking signs for my home and showcasing them on my blog, readers asked if I could guide them to replicating the designs.

This proved tricky. Not many had the high end sign equipment nor years of design experience for a full understanding how to make it all work.

Hence, the idea of the stencils became the perfect answer! They offered all the features readers became so fond of, giving anyone the ability to create professional sign designs in minutes!

Stencil Features

Made In Canada

The stencils are custom designed by myself, and fabricated / shipped from Ontario, Canada. All prices are showcased in Canadian funds.

Designed for Authenticity

Some of these stencils are inspired by authentic antique signs and crate markings. They are bold on impact (like a real sign), tweaked to perfection.

High Quality With Registration Marks

I honestly have never held a better quality stencil material in my hands. These stencils are made from a heavyweight 10 mil mylar, making them incredibly durable and easy to work with.

They are also loaded with unique centre and alignment registration marks, making positioning effortless! 

I know you will love working with them!

Mix & Match Options

Many of the stencils were specifically created to mix and match with each other, so you can achieve many more designs with your investment. However don't hesitate to mix up any of the designs. They all work incredibly well with each other!

On Trend & Timeless Designs

Being in the home decor industry, we like to offer designs that are currently on trend. We are also careful to create them in such a way that makes them timeless to serve you with many years of enjoyment.

You will find most fonts big and bold, just like real signs.

How You May Use These Stencils

Please purchase a stencil in order to use these designs. They are original copyright protected designs, and by purchasing a stencil, you're covered. The stencil designs themselves cannot be copied into other stencils nor used for mass produced items. Basically put, if you made the item yourself using our stencil, you're good to go!

You may use these stencils for your own creations, and to create projects to sell.

How to stencil in ONE colour

How to stencil in TWO colours.