Once upon a time, I ran a vinyl sign shop.... for 22 years.

However, once tapping into the wonderful world of OLD signs, I was hooked! The decals were used as paint stencils in order achieve painted letters, making distressed finishes possible.

However, when sharing my old sign designs on Funky Junk Interiors, it soon became apparent that my signs weren't all that easy to mimic, without needing fancy equipment, nor years of design experience.

Enter, the wonderful world of old sign stencils! Now anyone can recreate an authentic looking old sign with just a little paint!

But... these stencils come with a twist...

Mix and Match

While some designs stand alone well, many will come with the ability to mix and match, so you can create your sign YOUR way!

Registration marks and centre lines, plus!

Never before have you seen this many registration guides on the stencils themselves. Lines under text, cut out registrations for layers, plus centre markings make positioning a breeze! 

You can thank the long term sign maker in me for that one... ;)

Big on authenticity 

Once upon a time, a sign painter used their brush to stroke out letters. 

These stencil designs mimic their intentions, so you'll see quality hand kerning (spaces between letters), and fonts that work with authentically old signs. 

The designs are fuelled by vintage inspiration, so you'll see plenty of big, bold beautiful letters, ready for your special distressing touch.

Heavy weight material

These stencils pack a quality punch! Made from 10 mil materials, you will find the added weight wonderful to work with, and easy to clean.

Create endless combinations with upcoming mix and match additions

grain sack designs

vintage signs

farm and market signs

letters and numbers

authentic crate markings

... and more!

The hard work is already done for you. Now all that's left is for you to create.

Welcome to the wonderful world of creating old signs... YOUR way!

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